Call of Duty Black Ops - Hack

Santa Bot

Santa Bot just released. Now while ingame you can enable Santa Hats and see everyone running around looking like Santa Clause. You can even use the cheat to kill Santa now with more deadly accuracy because we have no recoil and the hack will even fire through walls using the new code just released. Don't like Santa? Don't want to see this feature? Simply shut it off/on ingame with our graphical mouse menu (see screenshots below). We have had no detections with our new anti cheat code and the hack beats all other COD 7 Hacks hands down. Want the best Call of Duty Black Ops Hacks? You came to the right place.


This aimbot hack will allow you to rank up super fast and lead the leader boards.

Call of Duty Black Ops Features

- All ESP colors are customizable
- Name
- Distance
- Pose
- Skeleton (Can also be set to display a smiley face on all players)
- Weapon
- BoundingBox ( 2D, 3D )
- Line (Draws a line from the middle/bottom of the screen to all players)
- AimDirection (Draws a line from the player to the point where the player is aiming at)
- HeadDot
- See Dropped Weapons
- Helicopter (With teamcheck)
- Planes (With teamcheck)
- Sentries (With teamcheck)
- RCXD (With teamcheck)
- Dogs (With teamcheck)
- Explosives (With teamcheck)
- Explosive warning (Displays a warning when the grenade is within 40 game units)
- Enemy warning (Displays a warning when a player is aiming at you)
- 2D Radar (Displays a radar on the screen (Which can be dragged around with the mouse)
- Ability to ignore all friendly players

- Autobot (Automatically aims when a player can be hit or is visible)
- AimThru (Aim via Crosshair, Distance, Visibility or Automatically)
- AimAt (Choose at what bone the aimbot aims. Options are head, neck or spine)
- AimKey (Set a custom aimkey)
- Visibility Check
- BoneScan (Scans players for bones and checks if they're visible / can be hit)
- Knifebot (Automatically knives when a target becomes within a range of 10 game units)
- AutoSwitch (Automatically switches target when the current target isn't alive anymore or is invalid)
- Autoshoot (Automatically shoots when the aimbot has a target. Can be set to always autoshoot, when visible or when the target can be hit)
- AutoWall (Calculates if a player can be hit through walls)
- AutoZoom (Automatically zooms in when the aimbot has a target)
- AutoProne (Automatically prones when you take damage)
- Field Of View (Only lets the aimbot aim when a target is within your field of view (0 - 360 degrees)
- Human Aim (Let the aimbot aim slower to make it look more legit)
- Aim Speed (0 - 1.5)
- Ping Correction (Corrects the aimbot when the ping is high (0 - 10)
- Abitility to aim at friendly players

- No Recoil (Removes the recoil from your weapon)

- QuakeSounds
- ZoomHack (lets you zoom in really fast)
- PlayerHud (Displays local player health + your ping)
- Draw Stats (Draw your scores. Can display streak score, match score or both)
- Chat Spam (Spams messages on the MP chat screen)
- Draw Fps (Can be set to display the current fps and the max fps reached)
- Draw Time (Tells you the local time)
- Draw Resolution (Tells you the game resolution)
- Crosshair (4 custom crosshairs which colors can be customized)

15Th Prestige Hack PS3/ XBOX360/ PC

Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the best first person shooter games on the market. Our free 15th Prestige Hack Download will let you experience Cod black ops like it was supposed to be. Enjoy your free 15th Prestige Cheat.


PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 19, 2011 – an 11, 2011 – Call of Duty Black Ops 15ht Prestige Hack Download is what we will be talking about today. Although there are tons of people and places out there that claim to offer a free 15th prestige hack download for xbox360,ps3 and promise to invite you too a 15th prestige lobby we are the only ones that will actually provide you with the free download hack for Cod Black ops 15th prestige.

- Set the fade of the radar
- Set the fade of the stats
- Four slots to save and load settings
- Ability to move the menu, mouse and stats with the mouse
- Menu is fully mouse controlled